Selection Of Poems : Tender Buttons by Getrude Stein

  • by Getrude Stein
  • A 24 paged book that is composed of a selection of poems from Getrude Stein's Tender Buttons: objects, food and rooms. The 15 poems were taken from the section of the book titled objects.

    Objects were chosen as a subject to reflect the inevitable breaking down of objects through time. This book is an exploration of language, using a nine column grid system in which text is arranged from one column to the next. The use of vellum not only creates a unique reading experience for the reader.Through simultaneity created by the use of this material it allows for contrasting meaning and overlay showing the relationship of each object. For example the "A piece of coffee" poem is place in this column system on top of the "A table" poem to reflect the relationship between this two objects. The fragile state of the vellum permits the reader experience the fragility of objects and how their charm is lost.