Seeing Green

  • Seeing Green
    The concept for this lecture poster is an abstract representation and combination of different voices of past and present into a common unified space. This poster is one of two designed for a fictional lecture series held at RISD, with five speakers of our choosing. I decided to represent these five speakers and the venue of the event in a more abstract manner, using symbols and elements from their lives and work. These elements are unified and combined in common space in a collage. The entire piece is made by hand from photocopies, with the computer only used to create color overlays, and set small amounts of type.
    The speakers and venue are represented through the elements chosen. For example, the door in the piece is the actual door of Woods Gerry at RISD. The graph is from Al Gore’s book, and is placed through the door to represent the audible spoken word, and factual importance of the discussions at the lecture. The plant-like form was designed by Adrian Frutiger, as part of a universal language of symbols. The flag is a piece designed by Malcom Grear. Kurt Schwitters is represented through the collage. I chose complimentary colors to express the contrasting and differing opinions which often arise out of controversial issues. The dimensions of the piece are 37 x 24 inches.