Seaside Park Strong

Created: 05/20/13
Last Edited: 05/20/13
There are two main purposes for this design: to
commemorate such an iconic place & to be able to
sell the t-shirt. The design is not only appealable to all
audiences as a “fashionable” item (something that will
actually be worn often and not just bought and stored
away) but it also tells a story which will be remembered
for years to come.
The map represents some of the affected areas of Seaside, accentuating with the “eye of the hurricane” in red-orange the words “Seaside Park” and adding the Ferris wheel graphic as another layer on top, as a symbol of the iconic family entertainment.
The layering of the graphics goes along with the idea of layers of destruction suffered (loss of homes, businesses, etc) as well as the dear memories of many generations at such an memorable place.

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