Scott and Rose

Created: 06/08/13
Last Edited: 06/08/13
Scott and Rose had a very specific theme in mind for their wedding invitations. They picked the colors to match some items they already had for the wedding. They also wanted a bit of southwest style since Rose is from Tucson. Lastly, they asked me to somehow incorporate Mexican "La Loteria" cards, which are a bit like tarot cards but more of a game if I remember correctly.

They used decks of La Loteria cards as name tags for seating at their reception, which was quite fun and beautifully decorated in an art gallery. There were 2 of each card, so you could find the person that was your match ... I was la rana (the frog). I asked them to choose their 4 favorite cards and incorporated them into a set of 4 RSVP postcards (la rosa, la campana, las flechas, y la luna).

The "SR" logo or monogram at the bottom of the invite is just something I always like to do on wedding invitations. To my surprise, the table favors of homemade preserves that Scott and Rose provided everyone included hand drawn versions of the monogram on the lid of each jar!

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