Scott and Rose

Created: 06/08/13
Last Edited: 09/07/14
Scott and Rose came to me with an interesting set of ideas for their wedding invitations. They wanted a faded yellow and grayish purple based on attire and decor they had already chosen. A native of Tucson, Rose wanted some general South West flair. Lastly, they asked me to incorporate "La Loteria" cards, which are a bit like tarot cards but more of a fun Mexican card game.

They used these Loteria cards as name tags for seating at the reception, which was in an art gallery and beautifully decorated. I asked them to choose 4 cards and then incorporated them into a set of RSVP postcards.

The joining of the initials into a monogram on the invitation has become habitual for me on wedding invitations. To my surprise, the table favors of homemade preserves provided to each guest included a hand drawn version of this monogram on the jar!

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