School Work 2009-2010

  • Social Art
    UWM has a great class, ART 309, that covers art in social situations, like issues, problems, and how to express them.  Here are mine.
  • Visit Beautiful; 1 of ??.  This was to mirror the WPA posters of the 30s and 40s but giving a modern twist with today's issues. When the class first started I chose Milwaukee to address social issues close to home, so this entire category is focused on Milwaukee. This item is for sale. Ask for details.
  • Logos of the Ministry of Art Education.  These were made specifically for the project below.  The department is non-existent, but if we do become a monarchy, I am ready.
  • Help Emily. This was used to promote funding for the arts in Milwaukee Public Schools.  The drawing is done by my neice, Emily, age 5 at the time. The overall poster was to be used in a guerilla campaign where the ink was soy based, the stencils were mud, the paper was made with wildflower seeds and recycled pulp, and would be adhered to porous walls with mud.  When tested during a rainy day, the entire project came off the wall and over the course of the summer flowers did grow on their own.