• Digital Arts: UWM
    A basic class in how to use Photoshop and essential practices.
  • Morality. When asked how I felt about the world while this was made, I decided to show how good and evil relates to us all.  It is easier to do bad than good. 
  • Playing off an uneasy subject of increased unemployment and mortgage upsets, I photographed the Milwaukee Rescue Mission and decided to use the title "Paradise Lost" and play with lost and found.  Although it was to be a pun, I wanted this to bring to light the issue with the economy.
  • The Medium is the Message. Using only the text which was given to us, we were to design a poster of how we thought of the copy.  I used images of communication through the years communicating with each other, and what we have become (figure) because of technology.
  • 3-D Concepts: UWM
    A class that helped to visualize beyond 2-D as well as temporary art/installations.
  • Swirl.  This was a temporary installation of leaves held together by toothpicks, making it totally safe and biodegradable.  I placed it into the water and let the rain and "current" take the work on it's journey.  Every raindrop made the work move and unwind overtime. Making it original.
  • I found this felled tree close to a shrub with bright red leaves, so I decided to show how this tree was obviously cut down and left to die, like a murder victim.  I used the red leaves to represent blood.
  • Rooted. This installation was to show that in a tree in an urban setting, with stone covering it's roots, there is still an organic, growing system below the surface, and that roots (literally, or figuratively) can grown anywhere.
  • Apple iPod campaign analysis. Select pages of a booklet discussing the campaign of the iPod.  Includes SWOT analysis, threats, etc.  Designed to be a large iPod once printed and produced. (design and layout by Caitlain Robinson and Scott Carlson)