Scarecrow business card, letterhead, envelope

  • This is a product shot of my letterhead (front and back), business card (front, back, and opened), and envelope (front and back).  The project entailed creating all of these as if it were for a Wizard of Oz character's office.  I chose the scarecrow and decided to pursue his gloves and fence and crows as imagery.  The business card has the logo on one side, with the crows on a fence on the other.  The business card is perforated, and when the client rips along the edge, the part torn off shows the crows flying away, and reveals the information on the card.  The crows and logo unify each piece in the set.
  • This is the illustrated typographic heading/logo for the Scarecrow's office set.  This is the version without color added.  I drew and traced over and redrew multiple times until i arrived at a final successful design.  The gloves and rope adequately portrays the scarecrow's personality, while adding both a typographic and illustrative element to the overall design.