Saudi Aramco Book Concept

  • Saudi Aramco
    at The History Factory
    As an oil company in the 21st century and with an upcoming anniversary, Saudi
    Aramco looked to The History Factory to positively promote the company by
    creating numerous pieces to release during their anniversary celebrations.

    To design a book for young adults, ages 12–17, that would inform them about the
    history and process that Saudi Aramco goes through to ensure that a quality and
    environmentally friendly product is produced.

    Research was the key in developing the conceptual design for the young adult book.
    Understanding the Saudi Arabian and Aramco culture was the first priority. From this
    research, I collected an extensive library of artifacts and photography from which I
    would later use as inspiration for the design.

    By creating culturally informed patterns and an earth-based color palette I combined
    the information gathered during my research and photographs provided by the
    client to create an easily read design and layout for the intended audience.

    Minion Pro and Myriad
    Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop