Samples From Red: Little Red Riding Hood Re-imagined

  • Illustrated book | 12" x 12" book | November 2011
    Large poster prints | 32" x 30" posters | November 2011

    As part of my MFA thesis project I created an illustrated story book based on Little Red Riding Hood. I wanted to create a new take on a familiar tale and re-imagined the story in a noir style. In addition to taking the format of a 12" by 12" book, the pages were also printed as a series of large format posters and hung in the gallery. The idea is that the viewer follows the tale along a winding path mirroring to the protagonist's journey throughout the story.
  • Red meets the 'Wolf' for the first time. The Wolf has been re-imagined as a hitman. His shadow reflects his true nature and is a motif used throughout the book.
  • My idea for this page was to marry my illustrations with dynamic typography to create a sweeping, overpowering effect upon the main character.
  • Most pages are arranged in such a way there is an additional subtext to the story beyond what is written on the page. In this case, items arranged on the desk cue the viewer into aspects of the backstory of the story.
  • Double-page spreads are used sparingly to open up the story, thus magnifying the importance of a particular scene. This spread shows Red's reaction as Wolf trains his gun at her. I also tie in the element of the storm that had been building the entire story, unifying several diverse elements within one image.
  • This time the motif of the wolf shadow has been altered as a double-image. It is as if the antagonist is revealing his true self to the main character.