Saint America Identity Design

  • Concept Logo Set | A selected group of concept logos initially presented to the client.
  • Recommended Logo | Based off of the initial information from the client, this logo seemed to be the best fit for this¬†project; elegant and simple yet ornate, much like the architecture and overall feel of this small, luxury residential community on the coast.
  • Promotional Items | The client received 6 of these boxes containing engraved telescopes with the recommended logo.
    The telescopes extend to about twice their size and are nestled into a dark green velvet cushion, all personally handmade by me. Dark green velvet was also attached to the inside lid of each box.
  • Promotional Items | Detail shot of the engraved boxes.
  • Final Logo | Chosen by the client after several rounds of re-works.
  • Logo Implementation | Installed sign at the main entrance to the community.
    Photo copyright DDG. I was not responsible for choosing the materials or style of the signage.