SPIN! Neapolitan Pizza

Created: 03/27/11
Last Edited: 01/07/13
Willoughby helped client Gail Lozoff launch the first fast-casual restaurant chain, Bagel and Bagel, more than 15 years ago. Her newest concept, SPIN! — inspired by Neapolitan-style pizza and her love for Italian cycling — is a “favoloso” fast-casual restaurant experience that is poised for national expansion. After a successful two-year engagement designing the identity and store concept for the first location, Willoughby is working with SPIN! to open five new stores in the Kansas City area within the next year with plans for a national launch close behind.
  • SPIN! Neapolitan Pizza
    launching a new brand experience in fast-casual that marries Italian and cycling.
  • Art Direction and concepting of reusable SPIN! Club Dough printed on tyvek to emulate foreign currency for Loyalty program.
  • Art direction of environmental graphics in collaboration with 360 Architects
  • Brand language extends to identity tradedress painted on exterior wall in courtyard
  • Art direction and design of environmental graphics
  • Design and illustration of promotional Holiday Graphic
  • Designed SPIN! Bike Jerseys and Bike graphics and program.
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