SCW chocolate package design

  • Salzburg Chocolate Werks
  • The 3 special and unique chocolate packaging design are made for SCW 100 years anniversary. I designed the chocolate shape as zigzag so the packaging can easily be stuck together on the shelf and easy for shipping. Also its shape is easy to be break up and sharing. The shape give me inspiration of designing the logo also. The roof-top shape logo have connection with Salzburg's beautiful snow mountain. 

    The design style comes from the inspiration of Wiener Werkstatte, also got the feeling of Art Deco. It use different color and texture, also the shape and rules on the pkg to show the 3 different flavors: Deepest Dark, Organic Milk and Bittersweet with Hazelnuts. 

    As final piece, I applied the golden foil on the logo and the rules.