• School Improvement Network offers comprehensive professional development solutions for administrators and teachers in K-12 schools. We were engaged by School Improvement Network to conduct our d5 Perception Branding Process. As part of that process, we refreshed their existing logo, and developed a tagline "Know How Now" which encapsulates much of what the company is about. The tagline is used as a marketing tool throughout the marketing material. For example, the tagline was adapted in the corporate stationery to indicate the many topics covered by School Improvement Network's Professional Development, such as "Know How to differentiate Now" or "Know How to implement Now".
  • School Improvement Network engaged us to design a 16-page brochure to explain their flagship web-based product, PD360, an online tool to help teachers teach. The challenge was to make a lot of screen shots look good. With a black background, we employed dull and spot varnishes to frame graphics and enhance images. We placed the screen shots in perspective to bring them out of a two-dimensional plane and shot lots of photos of kids, a tactic that seldom goes wrong.
  • The previous School Improvement Network Web site was cluttered with content, diluting any one message within the mass of competing information. We attempted to organize the content in such a way as to create a clear message, while making all important information easily accessible. The new Web site uses the tagline to categorize content on the home page under the words "Know," "How," and "Now." The heading "Know" lists the topics teachers and administrators should know, as well as the experts who teach them. Under "How" are links to the individual products that help teachers and administrators learn these topics. Highlighted under "Now" is the new "on-demand" flagship of School Improvement Network--PD 360--which offers instant, "anywhere" access to all of the most relevant content offered in the other products.