SCALGO Identity and Website

  • Scalable Algorithmics - SCALGO
    Identity and website design
  • SCALGO is a Danish technology company specializing in software for efficient processing of massive terrain data.

    SCALGO's identity uses all caps to convey their strong scientific background as well as the large scale of data they work with. I used Helvetica Neue Light and Bold faces to display the company's full name as well as the derivation of the shorter, more commonly used name SCALGO. I also created a shortened version of the logo for their common name, which is better suited for smaller-scale use.

    The red arrow plays off the "G" letterform and points up to the right, signifying the idea of scaling upward and growth. The business card, which displays both logo versions, uses the arrow to draw attention to the employee's name.
  • The SCALGO website has two goals: inform the user about why their software is unique and more efficient than the competition, and give the user an easy path to purchase a software license. The potential for SCALGO's audience to view their site on a tablet or mobile device is fairly high, so I used CSS3 media queries to trigger different style sheets based on widths of 768px, 480px and 320px.

    I built the site with HTML5 and other CSS3 elements such as border-radius and pseudo-classes. I also used selectivizr.js and Scott Jehl's respond.js for pseudo-class and media query recognition in Internet Explorer 7+.
  • Below: SCALGO's homepage optimized for a 480px width display.