SCAD Fashion Distribution Course Illustrations

  • SCAD Fashion Distribution Course Illustrations
  • I worked with a course developer and an instructional designer to develop these illustrations for a SCAD Luxury and Fashion Management course on Supply Chain Management Strategies. Once the content was written, we discussed what illustrations would be necessary to help supplement the written content. Some illustrations mirrored the content while others were information graphics that helped to explain what the students would read. The gold and brown color palette was established by the course banner system.
  • Forecasting and Planning Illustration
  • Logistics and Warehousing Illustration
  • Research Detective Illustration
  • Distribution Illustration
  • Storefront Project Illustration
  • Supply Chain Information Graphic
  • Keys of Production Information Graphic
  • Production Map Information Graphic
  • Truthful Shirt Label Illustration
  • Interpretation of Time Animated Illustration
  • Client - SCAD eLearning
    Typefaces - Futura Std Bold and Ostrich Sans
    Production - Digital Illustrations using Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects
    Size - Initial Required Loading Size was 500px Wide