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Para la escuela
    In Cession
  • The Secession is a Senior and Graduate Student Show done every year in the Spring at the Savannah College of Art and Design. The origin city of Savannah becomes abuzz much like Vienna during the original Secession. This time around, the participants are designers. I was part of a team hand-picked by the committee made of professors which worked for a year to complete the work and organize the show.

    Our group decided to make the show about graduation itself, about the finishing process, about one last walk around the block together, one last conversation, one last beer. "Coming Together to Break Apart" became our theme as we went on our separate ways with graduation.

    Eddie Jacobson, Leah Jewer, and Leslie Penland headed up the team as the Graduate Candidates. Derek Harms, Cassandra Perez, and I represented the Seniors. Special thanks to all of them and their incredible minds and hours of hard work.   
  • Initial Marque Studies.
  • Initial Marque Studies.
  • Call for Entries.
  • Call for Entries.
  • Publication.
  • Publication.
  • Exhibition triptychs.
  • Exhibition Triptychs.
  • Exhibition dot gain.
  • Exhibition Dot Gain with Marque.

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