SA Campaign Ads

  • Soul Action is an awesome organization based out of the United Kingdom. They do some pretty amazing events to get people, especially young people, to use their freedom to help free others. To free those who find themselves in their circumstances because they really had no other choice. They aim to draw awareness to and fight for those who are caught in slavery, poverty, and human trafficking to name a few. It was this very heart of the organization that drew me want to learn more and use them for my campaign project.

    As I researched the organization I noticed that at every conference they a booth off to the side where those who attended held up a sign that said, "i'm not for sale, no one should be." They held the sign and took a photo. These photos were then placed on their website or blog. These signs caught my attention so much that I decided to incorporate them into a series of ads the company could use. 

    I pulled some old cardboard boxes out of a dumpster, painted a sign, and used it in my photography to generate a message. 

    My final series of three ads are below!