Ruse Illusion Co. Identity, Packaging, and Layout

Created: 04/25/13
Last Edited: 04/17/14
Senior Project for my final year in college, this work spanned an entire semester. The objective was to create a fictitious company in which I designed all elements.

Ruse Illusion Co. is an online magic trick club. The goals of my company are to create high quality illusions that are professional for beginners and masters alike, and provide an environment that makes members feel privileged and exclusive. Club membership is specialized based on degree of difficulty and price. Members then receive items monthly via mail and become a part of an exclusive social media of magicians. Each mailed box may contain items such as boxed magic tricks with props, Ruse sleight of hand DVDs, or limited edition decks of cards.
  • Logo
  • Print Work
  • Website Interface Design

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