Created: 11/12/12
Last Edited: 12/12/13
RumPumPumRum is a nationally produced spiced rum similar to the quality of Bacardi. Like the craft beers that you see elite beer drinkers consuming but you never see on TV, it is marketed as the hipper rum that people will get after seeing their friends drinking it, not necessarily from commercials. Its tag line is “Keep the Beat Going,” both to increase the connection to its drum-inspiration and encourage its drinkers to continue the party, meeting, date, or wherever they may be drinking RumPumPumRum. It will target everyone over the age of 21 that wants a high quality beverage. Competition includes Captain Morgan, Malibu, Bacardi, and other rum companies. It is sold in liquor stores across America.
  • Rum Pum Pum Rum is an imagined rum company with drum-themed packaging. The booklet on the neck of the bottle has illustrations of drinks with recipes. The company's slogan comes from it's drum inspiration: "Keep the Beat Going"
  • There are two available options for the logo: a rectangular and a linear. The linear wraps around the top of the bottle and the horizontal is used on the booklet. Both can be interchangable for the company's needs. 
  • Here is a closer look at the illustrations done for the recipe booklet.

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