Roswell Artist in Residence

Created: 11/05/12
Last Edited: 05/15/13
I've always been interested in doing work for non-profit organizations and this project really helped get me started with that.

This program is located in my hometown, so it was really nice to be able to do something associated with my community.

I wanted to give their identity a modern look yet keep it somewhat old-fashioned because of the small-town environment in which we live.
  • This is an identity re-design for a local non-profit. They didn't have a logo and the original website was cluttered with information which made it hard to use. I wanted to make it approachable, organized, and easy to use.¬†
  • Some logo variations/ideas
  • Official logo(s)
  • Business card - front
  • Business card - back¬†
  • Letterhead

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