Your Story Is Not Defined

  • For this project, each of the 10 designers that attended Camp Firebelly were divided into three groups. Each group, then met with families from Chicago's Humboldt Park neighborhood benefitting from the Reason to Give foundation. The family we worked with was made up of a husband and wife that emigrated from Mexico, having three children in the United States. When we spoke with the mother, she told us a story of the opportunity her children were receiving through education. Specifically, she loved going to the library with her children, because not only was she able to watch them learn and grow, but they were able to teach her to read and write English.
    Each designer told a story of their family through a t-shirt design. The shirts were then screen-printed in collaboration with Mike Fretto of Rosa Loves. The completed shirts were auctioned to raise money in-kind for each family.
  • Source Imagery Research
  • Initial Sketch
  • Final Illustration
  • Final Presentation
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  • Shirt Images: Casey Kovach