Rooster Teeth Re-Branding

Created: 08/01/12
Last Edited: 11/06/13
Re-Branding of famous gaming company Rooster Teeth.
  • Rooster Teeth is a gaming company known for their famous machinima series Red vs.Blue, their engaging podcast of various topics, and their crew who love each other so much. But their branding was not as visually pleasing. The logo has two parts, a rooster, and a set of wind-up teeth. The rooster is in a silhouette and the teeth are in color and illustrative. As a brand, it is effective, it is memorable and know throughout the gaming community. This is not a bash on their brand, just a personal project depicting how I would have gone about the design.
  • The new version combines the rooster and teeth in a consistent illustrative style. Giving the rooster jagged teeth portrays a more sinister side, breaking the clean cut style showing that gaming can be beautiful and mean at the same time. Only the head of the rooster is used because of its signature red mane and dangling red things. Instead of using the name outside of the logo, the entire brand is brought together into a single entity that shows the logo, name, and how long the company has existed. Because the company is soon going to be ten years old it is nice to let people know that they have history.

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