Rock Candy

Created: 09/01/12
Last Edited: 06/24/13
Package design for rock candy
  • Rock Candy
    Package Design
  • This was a project for my package design class, where we needed to choose an old time candy and redesign the packaging with a contemporary feel, by either creating a new package or redesigning the existing package. After doing some research on rock candy, I found out that it could be traced all the way back to India during the 9th century ( Link to reference ). Using India as inspiration, I wanted to create a high-end/contemporary version of rock candy that would also reference one of its first origins, and be sold in boutiques and gift shops. I used Indian fabric patterns as inspiration for the design on the box, sketching out the pattern, and tracing it in Adobe Illustrator. The sleeve on the box would change color depending on the flavor of rock candy, and the window inside the box would also show the flavor of the candy.