• Robot.
    A construction method to illustrate a robotic figure.
  • The goal of this project was to learn how to take our simple pencil sketches and make something more out of them.  In this constructive method we learned the step to take to creating a nice clean marker drawing.  Starting with the foundation sketch, we build upon that.  Adding layers of different quality with different mediums we establish form, value and contrast and the end result is quite nice looking

    . . .
  • Start with a basic and *quick* pencil sketch.
  • Next, re-render that sketch as line art with ink.  (Ball-point pens work nicely)
  • Then, photocopy that ink drawing and use black marker to add in your dark shadow areas.  
    *Photocopy because the ink and marker will smudge, bleed together or turn purple.*
  • And finally, photocopy your ink drawing again to prevent the ink and marker from looking nasty and use prismacolor markers (20%, 40% and 60%) to add in your value tones to finish off your robot!