Resume Coaching

  • I genuinely enjoy helping people revise their resumes and restructure the ways they communicate who they are to future employers. These are just a few resumes I've designed.
    I helped Kari gather more than a decade of social work experience and condense it, along with her education and leadership experience, into just one page. She needed something clear, concise, and easy to gather information from with just a glance.
  • Melody had such a varied background that it was difficult to see a progression with her employment history. Organizing her variety of experiences into skill categories helped her appear more responsible to future employers. 
    Sara's dream job was an assistant store manager position at a jewelry chain store in the mall. With very little professional experience or formal education under her belt, I allowed more breathing room in the document and expanded on her experience without being too long-winded. She insisted on using the color pink, and I allowed space for her to add her own finishing touch to the document: about a half-inch of glitter sprayed faintly on the left edge. She got the job.