Red Wing Shoes Footprint Award

  • Footprints are left by those who impact the areas in which they travel. Some tread lightly, but others leave an indelible impression. In 2002, the Red Wing Shoe Company created the “Footprint Award,” an honor bestowed annually upon one or more employees to commemorate the positive impression they’ve made upon the company, their co-workers and the community in which they journey.
  • Footprint Award
  • Footprint Award Creation Process
  • Footprint Award Display Installation
  • Footprint Award Display Creation
  • Footprint Award — Early Conceptual Drawing
  • Credits:
    Michael Boyd (glass work)
    Nicholas Legeros (design)
    Anurag Art (bronze boots)
    Neufeldt Industrial Services (steel structure)
    GlassArt Design Inc. (etched glass)