Red Winds, White Lights

Created: 04/25/12
Last Edited: 03/16/13
Music Branding
Junior First Semester
  • Red Winds, White Lights
  • RWWL is a unique folk duo from Ohio which consists of Anthony Red, acoustic guitar and vocals, and Emily White, keyboard. Their sound is influenced by that of Sufjan Stevens' Album Age of Agz (2010), Fleet Foxes' Helplessness Blues (2011), and Yeasayer's Odd Blood (2010).

    After meeting in college and jamming together, combining their two different musical interests in interesting ways, Anthony and Emily decided to put together an album of what they had accomplished thus far. This album was an absolute failure, and blame was attributed to the general population not being ready for such a radically new kind of music.

    Years passed, but Anthony and Emily had not given up on their music. They had put together an entirely new album entitled "Black Nights," expanding on their old sound. This is the branding campaign to promote the band, featuring a three poster series, album art, and packaging for a limited edition vinyl, a website, and merchandise such as shirts and stickers.

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