Red: Little Red Riding Hood Re-imagined MFA Show

  • Gallery Show | November 29 – December 4, 2011

    Large Poster Prints | 32" x 30" posters | November 2011
    Illustrated book | 12" x 12" book | November 2011
    Typographic design/photography | 16" x 20" photographs | November 2011

    Below are photographs from the show opening of the show Red: Little Red Riding Hood Re-imagined.
  • The first thing you see when you enter the gallery is the vinyl signage depicting the title with an outline of the city.
  • Wolf tracks on the floor help lead the viewer through the narrative around the gallery.
  • There is a special "second show" of typographic photography works in the corner of the gallery should visitors decide to break from the wolf track path.
  • A second path in case visitors enter the show from the other entrance so that they can start the story from the beginning.
  • The actual book was also on display for vistors for when they were done looking at the large prints.