Re-Imagining Shakespeare Exhibit

  • Re-Imagining Shakespeare: Twelfth Night
  • Concept Narrative

    After reading through our group’s response to the play, we tried to pull apart the pieces that we felt would be most important to convey on a poster. A main theme we found to be predominant throughout Twelfth Nightwas gender roles in society. There were also multiple love interests and one character choosing to take on the identity of her twin brother. In order to collaborate with our group’s interpretation of Shakespeare’s play, we decided to focus on the this identity and gender switch.
    After looking at multiple 
    Twelfth Night and non Twelfth Night poster designs, we decided to focus on silhouette figures and bright colors. With the idea that the main character dresses as her twin, we aimed to keep the silhouettes looking similar, except for hair. We strived to portray the female-looking figure in both images. It was difficult to convey this message without giving the impression of a love scene – man and woman staring into one another’s eyes, for instance. The image left a confusing middle focal point that we have filled with a futuristic cruise ship or space ship to incorporate the setting of our group’s revised play – 2428 to be exact. The ship played an important role in the play itself. A storm and a sinking ship were major turning points in the play that led to the mayhem which occurs in Shakespeare’s story.
    Our original intent was to have the focal color yellow in order to emphasize the yellow stockings that were a symbol in the play. The final colors we found most appealing and eye catching help create a foreground and really play up the silhouette figures. The black background and contrasting yellow figures plays on both the stocking symbol and a night landscape. It was very important to have images and colors that would stand out from a far distance. We believe that the main aspects of our poster can be read from a distance and maintain their meaning and symbolism.