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Created: 01/12/11
Last Edited: 05/11/14
Re-branding of Lesley University's Community of Scholars Day: custom logos, program design, calendar of events, and poster advertising, all on 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper.
  • Re-Design, Community of Scholars
    Program and Poster
  • The Community of Scholars re-design started with “why?” This three-letter question is at the heart of many modern solutions. Even though it is such a small utterance of a word, it encapsulates the essence of creativity and intellect as a whole. From the client’s point of view they just needed a program to hand out to people attending their event. This seemingly simple task was re-envisioned when the bird’s eye view of design stepped in. When any design ‘task’ is turned into a design ‘question’ it changes the path of the outcome. Instead of taking the words the client provides and simply putting type on a page in what is conventionally thought of as a program, asking “why” can set up a new dimension in the work. “Whys” involved in this project ranged from questions about formal information strategy: “why is this text in a grey background?” to conceptual questions about society: “why are there not more undergraduate students coming to this event?” and social issues about sustainability: “why does this format need to use metal staples?”
    My design answers those questions which practical solutions. I created a one-sheet program that folds out into a poster advertising the event, and acts as a calendar for the day's programming. The new design is more environmentally friendly, by using recycled paperstock and folding instead of using staples. I designed logos with corresponsing colors so each categorey could be easily identified. And used bright colors, modern design, and printed it before the event, to advertise to a larger undergrad audience.
  •  Custom Logos, from top to bottom and left to right: Creative Process, Media, Technology & the Web, Research, Diversity in Schools, Culture and Diversity, Psychology/Therapy, and Interdisciplinary.

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