RayLynn Records

  • Overview
    RayLynn Records was founded by Bob Simpson and his wife, Janice, in 2011. Bob was a Texas businessman that struck billion-dollar deals and turned numerous failing companies around -- including Major League Baseball’s Texas Rangers, which he purchased out of bankruptcy months before the organization impressively advanced to its first World Series. 

    RayLynn (the name derives from a combination of Bob and Janice’s middle names, respectively) came to fruition soon after the Simpsons struck a relationship with Kyle Sherman. At the time, Sherman was serving as worship leader at Lifechurch.TV, Bob and Janice’s house of worship in Fort Worth. So impressed by Kyle’s musical talent and raw passion, Bob approached him about recording an album and teamed him up with legendary country singer-songwriter, producer and friend Mark Collie.
    To coincide with the release of the first album for Kyle Sherman, RayLynn Records needed a site to serve as an online presence for the label. They requested that the online presence be "Texas-sized," featuring type and headings as big as the Lone Star State itself. The site needed to showcase Kyle, yet still be scalable as more artists were added to the label's roster. Artist pages needed to provide information about the the performers as well as showcase their music and photos. Finally, the site needed to be designed and developed to allow for content to be regularly updated and for new artists to be added with ease. 
    Through researching various recording label sites as well as the content needed for RayLynn's site, we determined that visitors often have to sift through too many pages on record label sites to get the the content that they are looking for. The core objection for RayLynn Records is to serve as a hub to connect potential fans with the artists that they admire. 

    With the client's unique needs in mind, we created an experience that allowed the user to view all of the label information on a single page, thus allowing for all of the other pages of the site to be reserved for artists on their roster. The responsive site adapted to the size of the browser and worked seamlessly on mobile devices. Additionally, the audio player was designed using modern web standards that will play audio on the mobile devices as well. 

    To facilitate the regular updating of the site, a custom content management system was created. This provides an administration area that is tailored to the regular tasks that the label will need to do as business grows. Updating content and adding new artists to the site can be be done quickly through intuitive processes. Images and songs can be rearranged through a simple drag and drop process. The result is an environment that encourages keeping the site up to date. 
    Visit The Site: RayLynnRecords.com