Raleigh by Block

Created: 02/19/11
Last Edited: 01/31/14
Held in downtown Raleigh, Raleigh by Block presents Raleigh as a walkable city by creating a system of self-guided walks around Raleigh including Power Lunch, Kids, First Friday, and Oakwood Walks.
Project Info
    During this group project, we created an entity named Raleigh by Block with a mission to promote the downtown as a walkable city in order to increase foot traffic and overall vibrancy of life and business in downtown Raleigh. This was done by creating a system of self-guided walking tours around Raleigh aided by free booklets, a typographic environmental wayfinding system, and promotional products such as t-shirts and a CD of local music.
  • Overview
  • Merchandise for Raleigh by Block - branded water bottles, local music CD, and apparel
  • Merchandise would be used to fund the project while promoting Downtown Raleigh. This t-shirt shows the placement and name of each street downtown.
  • During the kid-oriented walk, children follow letter forms placed throughout downtown in alphabetical order. Each letter points the child in the direction he or she should follow.

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