RW & MKR Systems

  • RW: Royal Western
    Logo Design
  • Royal Western is a business agency, provides business solutions such as business counsulting, point of sale, and credit card merchant services to hundreds of small local businesses based in San Diego area.

    Royal western asked to create a logomark and business cards in order to refresh their brand image.
    The brand attributes are trustworthy, friendly, active, smart, accessible, and ready. When they opened their business, they registered the company name as Royal Western SD Computer which is named after one of their product, called Royal. Now, it is changed to RW which stands for Royal Western.
  • MKR Systems
     Logo Design
  • MKR Systems is a new business agency, which is a family company of Royal Western or RW, provides business solutions to divers types of businesses based in California state.

    Since MKR System is a family company of Royal Western, the logomark is intended to show indications of the parent company. For example, RW and MKR share the characteristics of letters like ‘m’ and ‘r.’ Both companies’ logos also share they typeface of the lockups.