RSA Exhibit

Created: 04/15/13
Last Edited: 05/14/13
From concept to creative, 2013 RSA Exhibit
  • From start to finish, the design of the 2013 RSA Display. Concept was to design around the idea of "Eliminating the Unknown".
  • First sketches for the two stands – these were customs cut outs
  • Beginning to focus in on the layout that would fit the content and the main booth
  • Sketch of the main booth - working out the specs, best area for the main message and message for the side panel. Also getting an idea of the distance needed for the hanging topper.
  • From sketch to digital - concept developed. Focus on the message as well as convey the unknow in the background image - a light in the darkness.
  • Basic mock-up for pitch to get an idea of layout and placement of the booth, stands and the overall space.
  • Miniature model to demonstrate concept and placement for pitch
  • Hanging top sign
  • Building the 20x20 structure for the main booth.
  • Setting up the stands and mounting gear for the TVs
  • Almost completed
  • Setup complete and ready for the show!
  • Front of one of the stands - main focus is on the message, product and the demo.
  • Back of the stands
  • Back of the booth - also used as a quick meeting area.

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