RDesigns aluminum portfolio

  • This is my custom portfolio. It is made from two brushed aluminum frames. The hinges, locks, and handle are from a Home Depot (a hardware store here in the U.S.). The logo was etched onto glass by a glass company in Arizona. I made this portfolio as my solution to the standard Pratt art portfolio that every art student posseses. Living in the desert causes problems for leather portfolios with plastic pages. I wanted to create a high end portfolio that displays my creativity outside of graphic design.
  • The glass itself is not tempered. Many of you are wondering how durable this portfolio can withstand damage. Believe it or not, this portfolio survived an airplane flight in an overhead compartment from Arizona to my home in Hawaii.
  • My original plan was to use latches made from a Japanese maufacturer. Unfortunately, the catalog took some time to arrive. Instead, I used nickel plated window locks. They look just fine with the brushed aluminum without compromising on the overall design.
  • I used a dremel to cut a thin groove to allow the middle of the door hinge to fit flat. This way, the portfolio can stand perfectly straight.
  • The inside of the portfolio is purely made from poster board that is covered with a silver foil. I wanted to utilize some basics in my package design skills. The black stripe is textured card stock which has my logo printed on a kiss cut sticker. My theme was to create a contrast of an expensive portfolio with an inexpensive paper folder which is 100% recyclable.
  • The velcro straps within the paper folder can be displayed in several ways. It can even be used as a standalone folder which is also water resistant once the cover is folder over the top.
  • Here is the folder with the top folded over.
  • The rings of the paper binder were made by cutting the tabs and bringing it over to the slits on the other side of the paper. The ending result is a fully functional binder that does not need steel rings to hold the pages. This is a great solution for students that want to create a portfolio with a limited budget.