R&D facility ribbon-cutting event displays

Created: 07/29/12
Last Edited: 12/04/12
Developed concept for 8'x8' and 8'x12' graphic displays shown at a brand new R&D facility ribbon-cutting event. The state-of-the-art facility was positioned to be a key location for developing innovative products and technologies. For it's grand opening, many employees traveled to the event to educate attendees (both internal and external audiences, as well as the press) about their areas of expertise. These graphics were to be displayed in the main entryway of the R&D facility to greet guests and serve as an over-arching message for the entire company. Thus, these displays needed a commanding presence that would tie in with the sleek, modern architecture of the building and communicate the key messages through the vast sea of attendees and other divisions' product displays.

Worked with trade show vendor to make suggestions for hardware and substrate that would be lightweight to ship, be sensitive to the environment, act as a dramatic visual at the event and would be easy to set up. Developed concept and designed (5) large graphic panels, each with it's own theme to be used as a talking point in specified areas of the entryway. This rush project was completed from initial client meetings to delivery of files within a week's time.

The displays were well-received by attendees and used as talking points for many conversations educating visitors about Saint-Gobain products and technologies. Additionally, these graphics were the recipient of a GDUSA 2010 American Graphic Design Award.
  • Project created while with Saint-Gobain Creative Services. Do not reproduce without the expressed written consent of Kristin Dankanich.