Quick Response

  • Quick Response

    *This project was submitted into the 2011 Adobe Design
    Achievement Awards and was awarded first place in the
    Installation Design category.

    *This project has also been recognized in the March 2012 edition
    of HOW Magazine.

    Quick Response was an interactive installation for the College for Creative Studies 2011 Student Exhibition. Using environmental QR codes, it explored how digital space interacts with physical space. The eight component installation was spread throughout the exhibition and encouraged user interaction. An eleven member team divided and conquered to create the complete installation in eight weeks. My contribution focused on the identity, signage, front end design of mobile screens and concepting.

    Group Members:
    Rachel Ariyavatkul
    Jennifer Barrett
    Paolo Catalla
    Brian Hendrickson
    Cate Horn
    Brian Jacob
    Lani Kercado
    Aileen Klebba
    Amanda Matzenbach
    Alex Poterek
    Will Ruby
    Nick Sternberg (Professor)