Quattrenza: Survival Tool

  • Quattrenza
    Survival Tool Marketing Booklet
  • Quattrenza, Italy's premier survival tool, will now be shared with the rest of the world. Created to fill the survival needs left vacant by tools such as the Swiss Army Knife and Leatherman Tools, Quattrenza is for the world's explorers and adventurers. Handcrafted in Italy, this delicately machined instrument, provides you with four essential survival tools in one lightweight package. Featuring a Compass, Signal Mirror, Binoculars, and Magnifying Glass, Quattrenza brings you everything you need to find your way in the world.

    Inspired by 1930's Italian Modern and Art Deco architecture, Quattrenza features perfect circles set within sharp angles. When picking up Quattrenza your fingers will instantly find where they are meant to sit. The angular scoop across the main body guides your fingers into the optimal position while allowing for a firm hold with minimal tension required.

    Unfolding the lenses is just as east. With a textured edge running the entire length of the lens frames, each lens moves into position quickly and seamlessly. Bringing the binoculars into focus is just as simple and with a sprocket like focus wheel, one finger is all that you need to accurately adjust focus to achieve a razor sharp image. Quattrenza has been designed to function quickly and flawlessly without thought or hesitation so you can focus on the task at hand, where ever you are.