Quantum Tradeshow Signage

Created: 04/26/10
Last Edited: 12/04/12
Branding, tradeshow, environmental graphics, product endorsement, strategic partnerships
  • Example of signage promoting the Quantum line (33.5" x 70" quickscreens, with 8" additional bleed at bottom to roll into portable housing). Branded template design and production. Used extensively at tradeshows, clinics, and DCI-related (Drum Corps International) competitions and events.
  • Examples of ongoing template use. With time, opportunities to take live photography at drum corps events helped to evolve the look of the maturing campaign. Eventually the Quantum vehicle was de-emphasized once individual brands gained acceptance among this new, elite level of player.

    Below: Images by staff photographer Chris Magonigal, production by Andres Matallana.

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