Quantum Brand Campaign

Created: 04/26/10
Last Edited: 12/04/12
Brand development, advertising and promotional campaign, product endorsement, strategic partnership
  • The Quantum Marching Project publicized three brands in one streamlined campaign: Jupiter Marching Brass, Mapex Marching Drums, and Majestic Field Percussion, all owned by Jupiter Band Instruments, Inc.

    The Quantum campaign was executed in three stages: Teaser ads, Web site and promotional items, Introductory ads, and once Quantum's brands started to gain attention among the elite drum corps target market, Endorsement ads and promotions.

    Top left: Teaser postcard, Right: Endorsement poster, Bottom: Intro ad series (four half-page ads that ran together), and Inaugural embroidered patch for select drum corps targeted for endorsement.

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