Put a Feather in Your Cap

  • Put a Feather in Your Cap
    Educational Themed Greeting Card
  • Since our school now has a large print lab, the teachers thought that it would be nice to pose a design challenge that would then become a real printed piece. As a class we chose two Pantone colors and one of two papers from Neenah. We then had to create a design that utilized overprinting, so that there would be a third color. The other catch was that it had to be "vaguely educational in theme." The reason for this was that four cards from our class would be chosen to be printed and those four cards would than be used by the department to send various correspondence, from thank you cards to introductory letters to new students.

    The thing is, it's really hard to think of a way to nail down the theme of 'education.' I then started to think of various sayings about those who go for a degree or further their education. I kept coming back to the old saying 'Put a Feather in Your Cap.' I thought it would be real fun to draw a derby or a bowler hat, then adding a feather made me think of birds, and hence the design as it ended up. I was also lucky enough to be one of the four chosen students whose piece would be printed, which is a true honor, because all the cards in my class where so awesome, I wish they all could have been printed
  • The final design.
  • What the final design actually looks like in Illustrator without the overprints on... it is truly a very different look!
  • The press sheets!
  • The cards cut out.
  • And scored, so that they are now ready to be sent!