Protest: BFA Thesis Project

  • Protest
    Senior Degree Project
  • This project was my final degree project in the pursuit of a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in graphic design. It was exhibited among 18 other student works in the Tangerine show at the Seigfred Art Gallery in Athens, OH, May 22nd-26th, 2012. This project addresses lyrics, specifically the conjecture of image and word in the attempt to create meaning, in the context of my obsession for a singular musical act.

    Statement: These designs, which employ hand-drawn typography and imagery, interpret the lyrics of the progressive metal band Protest the Hero in order to create a greater awareness and understanding of their music. While their lyrics can stand alone as poetry—sometimes misanthropic or sanguine, other times comedic, but always powerful—the ability of their words to inspire and provoke becomes fully realized when coupled with visual counterpoint, just as their lyrics are enhanced by their technical mastery of music. Each composition features a particular lyric from the band’s discography that speaks to an identifiable theme or concern. My visual interpretation of their lyrics within a complex visual framework parallels their poetic manner of communicating meaning.
    It was advised by my instructors to have my name and a copyright on these works; that aside, all lyrics expressed within are property of the band and belong to them. No copyright infringement is intended.
  •  The book itself was an 18" x 24" hand-made portfolio, bound using archival portfolio sheets and paper with a glossy printed cover. The word "Protest" is deconstructed and continues onto the back cover.