Promotional Zombie Magnet Set

  • Zombie Magnet Playset
    Promotional material for Weber State University's

    For this project, I was responsible for all of the design and illustration under the supervision of my creative director. Unfortunately, the digital printing job did not turn out very great, as you can see. The gray background became almost black and lost nearly all of the texture.

    The concept of this piece is just something fun and quirky that my boss thought up. The Stadium Defense Squad is a fictitious band of WSU students, who defend our iconic football stadium (the building in the background) from oncoming hoards of ravenous zombies. This magnetic playset is intended to be a promotional giveaway that will entice potential students to visit our blog, where they will find articles to help them return to school.
  • Initial sketches
  • Finished digital illustrations
  • Photography of the finished product