Prometheus - Fractal Posters

Created: 06/07/12
Last Edited: 11/21/12
Those posters are inspired by the upcoming movie Prometheus. Those have been generated with a procedural node scripting software.
    Fractal Procedural Posters
  • In the last few weeks i have been swimming in a great load of vertices and nodes software. After a few experiment with a new nodes engine procedural software i got inspired by few art piece i managed to generate from my own node scripts and have decided to make some posters design about the upcoming movie Prometheus

    First design represent the Xenoform egg trap inside a cavern. Second design represent a cave tunnel burst from the red beam of light thrown by David (AI Weyland unit). Last design is the birth of a Xenoform breaking out of his cocoon  breathing air for the very first time.

    Will probably have a few more procedural design in the next few weeks.

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