• ProjectFiftyTwo is a weekly design competition between 6 designers. Derived from a want/need to create original and insightful work, the project centers around each designers separate interpretations of the same 3 random elements. These include:  a random word; random Wikipedia article; and a Wildcard element from the previous weeks winner.
    Each weekend, the designers anonymously post their piece to the shared ProjectFiftyTwo Instagram account where the design with the most votes/likes after a week is crowned champion.
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    View everyone's work and past designs at
  • Week 1
    Word: Inflecting; Wiki: Bad as Me by Tom Waits
    Week 2
    Word: Architectural; Wiki: Thiers-Issard (straight razor)

    Week 3
    Word: Battled; Wiki: Pichancourt (Mechanical Bird); Wildcard: ArtDeco

    Week 4
    Word: Transformation; Wiki: 773d Airlift Squadron (Fleagles); Wildcard: Analogous Colors
  • Week 5
    Word: Tearing; Wiki: Scarabus Saucer (Scarab); Wildcard: Analog

    Word: Subglacial; Wiki: Stromness (Scotland); Wildcard: Must have an Animal

    Week 7
    Word: Cuckoo; Wiki: Jukun People (South Africa); Wildcard: No Type

    Week 8
    Word: Breaking; Wiki: Libertas; Wildcard: Steampunk
  • Week 9
    Word: Home; Wiki: SinFire Cinammon Wiskey; Wildcard: Album Cover

    Week 10
    Word: Conclusion; Wiki: Madani Bouhouche; Wildcard: Russian Propaganda

    Week 11
    Word: Highway; Wiki: It's Sad to Belong (song); Wildcard: Your Favorite Number

    Week 12
    Word: Shadowless; Wiki: Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons; Wildcard: Something from your desk
  • Week 13
    Favorite thing: Argyle; Wildcard: Food

    Week 14
    Favorite thing: Batman: The Long Halloween; Wildcard: Initials
    note: made entirely on an iPhone on my Paris vacation.

    Week 15 - WEEKLY WINNER
    Favorite thing: Topographic Maps; Wildcard: Self Portrait

    Week 16
    Favorite thing: Pavot Jambon Cru; Wildcard: Surrealism
  • Week 17
    Favorite thing: Legend of Zelda: A Llink to the Past;  Wildcard: Harlem Renaissance

    Week 18
    Favorite Thing: Jurassic Park;  Wildcard: Japanese Woodblock

    Week 19
    Word: Dodecahedra;  Wiki: Eric Erickson (spy);  Wildcard: Road Sign

    Week 20
    Word: Brash;  Wiki: Satomi Ikezawa;  Wildcard: 8 Bit
  • Week 21
    Word: Spirit;  Wiki: Black Tulip;  Wildcard: Glitch Art

    Week 22
    Word: Draconian;  Wiki: Loughguile;  Wildcard: Travel Poster/Postcard

    Week 23
    Word: Septet;  Wiki: Dismemberment;  Wildcard: Nature

    Week 24
    Word: Sunshine;  Wiki: Sharpie;  Wildcard: Paperback
  • Week 25
    'One Man's Trash, is Another Man's Treasure'

    Week 26
    Matjas Madness: Portrait of Luke

    Week 27
    Hunnewell Madness: Quote

    Week 28
    Cipperly Madness: Dinosaurs of the future
  • Week 29
    Karazamov Madness: Pen and Ink

    Week 30
    Furgason Madness: 7-Eleven

    Week 31
    Word: Numerical;  Wiki: Little Girl Lost (Twilight Zone Episode);  Wildcard: Art Noir

    Week 32
    Word: Semihistorical;  Wiki: Evil Town;  Wildcard: Plastic Toys
  • Week 33
    Word: Throned;  Wiki: Anaciaeschna triangulifera;  Wildcard: Art Nouveau

    Week 34
    Word: Tome;  Wiki: Gumshoe (Film);  Wildcard: Ben-Day Dots

    Week 35
    Word: Funnel;  Wiki: Tall Tale;  Wildcard: 90's Nickelodeon
    Week 36
    Word: Denim;  Wiki: What’s Love Got To Do With It?;  Wildcard: Vintage Botanical
  • Week 37
    Word: Time;  Wiki: Roman Blood;  Wildcard: Mythology
    Week 38
    Word: Aggravated;  Wiki: National Library of Ivory Coast;  Wildcard: Illuminated Manuscript
    Week 39
    Word: Lop;  Wiki: Kit Fox;  Wildcard: Los Angeles
    Week 40
    Word: Unpaganize;  Wiki: Petar Trifunović;  Wildcard: Fairy Tale
  • Week 41
    Johnny's Favorite: Didot Typeface;  Wildcard: Computerless
    Week 42
    Brett's Favorite: 99% Invisible;  Wildcard: Native American Art
    Week 43
    Char's Favorite: The Shining:  Wildcard: Constructivism
    Week 44
    Cesar's Favorite: Dune;  Wildcard: 
  • Week 45
    Ryan's Favorite: Scott Pilgrim vs the World;  Wildcard: One Color Design
    Week 46
    Sarah's Favorite: Birdwatching;  Wildcard: Inforgraphic
    Week 47
    Movie Poster Mashup
    Week 48
    Reflections of Brooklyn
  • Week 49
    Week 50
    Week 51
    What did 2013 mean to you?
    Week 52