Project GUIA

    Branding & Web Design
     Project GUIA (Guide for Useful Interventions for Activity in Brazil and Latin America)

    Physical inactivity, much like obesity, is a complex problem that needs to be addressed at multiple levels and among many different disciplines. Partnerships that bring together diverse people and organizations have the potential for developing new and creative ways of dealing with physical inactivity. To establish a guide for useful physical activity interventions in Latin America Project GUIA has assembled a cross national and multidisciplinary team to assess and evaluate the current evidence on community based physical activity interventions. 

    The strong cross-national, collaborative relationships with researchers, practitioners, and institutions in Brazil and Latin America was the driving inspiration for developing the GUIA brand.

    As lead designer on this project I created the complete brand identity and web design. This included the logo, symbol, wordmark, signature, color palette, brand collateral, brand guidelines, and website design.

  • The rounded letterforms represent a global reach. The figure positioned on top of the wordmark represent how the work GUIA does is a foundation for people in Brazil & Latin America to live happy, active lifestyles. The figure is made from curved shapes to be representative of the organic traits of humans. 
  • Various forms of the logo have been developed for different usage (a Master Symbol, Logo, Wordmark, and Signature).
  • Bright colors were chosen to represent the year-round tropical climate found in Brazil & Latin America as well as to symbolize activity and happiness.
  • The Color Palette has been selected as to compliment the already existing Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis. The table has been created to outline the primary and secondary color palette with corresponding PMS, CMYK, and Web Safe HEX color values.
  • An illustrated map was created to be used as brand collateral and a secondary symbol for the brand.
  • After a brand identity was developed a web design was then created and built utilizing HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver & Flash. The website is translated in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. 
  • I completed this project at Matchbox Design Group, a full service creative firm in Saint Louis, Missouri.