Project 365

Created: 06/04/13
Last Edited: 06/04/13
As a personal project, I chose to take a picture a day for an entire year. Afterwards, I created a piece for an art show by depicting the connections that each of these individual experiences shared, and how they all came together to create one holistic experience.
  • Objective: Take one picture per day for an entire year, starting on my 20th birthday, then create a unified piece of art from the images.
    Audience: Myself, my peers, and judges at the Honors Art Show.
    Solution: I was able to record major events in my life, document the everyday tasks of a graphic design student, discover new ways of showcasing the beauty of nature, become more proficient at capturing moments between people, explore far away lands, and experiment with different approaches to photography. Then, using all 365 images, I created a piece that illustrated the interconnectedness of each of these separate images, and how they all came together to create one year-long growing experience.

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