Created: 03/23/12
Last Edited: 01/25/13
  • Progeny 
  • Working on this piece was when I realized that I had finally figured out the style in which I wanted to work digitally. I had been experimenting with different glitching techniques and merging them with my existing methodology in Photoshop but this is when it really struck me. This was also done on a larger scale then my previous pieces that I had worked on as practice. I put such a strain on my shitty computer while working on this that it actually felt like it was being birthed. 
    Originally this started off as an older project that I kept coming back to. I wasn't happy with the result and decided to approach in a completely different way. The original image was a series of glitched landscaped layered over each other. That exists here only as the vertical lines. Hidden within the layers are also images of bones, a photo of me, a flowerbed, and a photo of I took of a friend of mine. 
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