Process Incorporated - Vice

  • Vice - Packaging Design
     Print / Product Design / Fall 2011

  • The project called to create a series of tools that would enhance a graphic designer's life. The parameters included a set of shapes that we were confined to create icons/ illustrations for the tools we were creating (see below).

    After the creation of the icons, an identity was developed for the company on top of an actual product - Vice.

    Vice is my take on the underground (mis)conception about art and design students and drug culture - whether legal or not. The first product in the box is called the "Spark of Inspiration," a substance one could smoke to induce creative stimuli. The second called the "Mind Quickening Injector," a focus driven drug one would take to hasten the production of projects and allow the user to be more efficient. The final product in the box is called the "Reset Potion," a substance taken to eliminate second guessing, worry, and any other feeling associated with a recently finished project. In short, it allows the user to move on and start anew. 
  • front/bottom 
  • back/top
  • Logo.
  • Icon shape restrictions.