Printable Katherine Dunham Internship Poster

  • Printable Katherine Dunham Internship Poster
    Client:  Regional Arts Commission
  • The Katherine Dunham Internship at the Regional Arts Commission is an annual internship program created by Sara & Jack Burke to increase cultural diversity within arts and cultural institutions of the St. Louis region. The concept behind this poster was a classic newspaper presentation that can be printed at low or no cost to recipients of the message. Because the target market indirectly was area instructors, we decided that emailing instructors an easily printable, but eye catching flyer in addition to posting posters in high traffic areas throughout neighboring universities would help get the message to as many individuals as possible.

    In the first year of usage (2011), over 30 applications were submitted by African American students. This exceeded expectations, as in previous years, the Regional Arts Commission would only receive 1-3 applications from African American students, if any. Since the poster was such a huge success the first year of promotion, the design was renewed for the following year of internship promotion (2012).